Hello Nasofixers!

This might be my last review on this product since Nasofix™ promised that it will permanently change the shape of my nose in 30 days. Indeed, change is really noticeable now! My nostrils and tip thinned down a little bit and the bridge is more defined now.

But sometimes, it seems like my nose is reverting back to its original shape (prolly it’s just my imagination) so I need to continuously use it for another 2 months. Whew!

Nasofix™ Review Day 11

Nasofix™ Review Day 18

Conclusion: Nasofix™  delivers what it promises. You just have to be patient, determined and should have a lot of faith in this product that it will deliver GOOD (if not better) results.

Change for the better brings an impact on our lives just like what this product did – Nasofix boosted my self-esteem and confidence! This product is really worth-buying for and it will definitely change your life too!

And finally, NEVER expect too much. Hence, think of realistic/imagineable results. Nasofix will NOT make flat and wide nose into a European nose 😉

BUY your own Nasofix™   now for only 29.50USD (approx Php1400)!!