This is an honest review of Nasofix™

I was watching Rhinoplasty videos on Youtube when I came across with an advertisement of a device that will reshape and improve the appearance of a nose which was Nose Magic. It caught my attention and got curious at the same time . I’m an Asian and having a wide and bulbous nose is very common to us and I hate it  and the only way to improve it is by undergoing Rhinoplasty – which I thought it was the last resort until I found this nose reshaping tool. Clicked and watched some reviews which are really good to be true! Then Nose Right popped out on “Related Videos” which looks exactly the same as Nose Magic.

I shared this to my friend knowing that she will surely want to try this device too! She then asked me if I’ve heard about Nasofix offered in I was surprised that she was eyeing for this device couple weeks back. I immediately searched for it online and this device is way different from Nose Magic and Nose Right – but has the same promises too!

I was really confused which one to purchase cause I don’t want to spend my hard earned money for nothing.

I did some research online thru Youtube and several Blog sites about these products and below are some of the feedback:

> Nose Magic before and after photos in their website were stolen from Dr. Sam Rizk of NYC and this device is just a copy of Noseright which is actually made in China and not in Japan. This device has lots of bad reviews too. – Certified Scam!

Dr Sam S Rizk photo gallery

> Nose Right claims to be the original but also gained a  slew of negative feedback from users. – Still doubtful!

>  Nasofix™ ( )on the other hand has 0% negative feedback so far and their website looks very decent and professional . Needless to say, I even posted a question in Yahoo Answers if this product is just another SCAM but all I got were positive responses 🙂

I immediately purchased  Nasofix™  thru Metrodeal and emailed their Customer Support right after. They immediately responded and advised me to scan the voucher and send it via email.  I paid extra for the shipping though – which I actually prefer than picking this up from their office in Malabon City.

My Nasofix™ arrived (via Xend) 1 day after I sent the voucher which I didn’t expect. That was really fast! The device came in a brown envelope and sealed in a blue plastic wrap (Exactly what is mentioned in their website under FAQs)

I had no idea on how and where to place it on my nose so I emailed their Customer Support and they quickly responded with the instruction below:

I started using this device last October 19, 2011. This device provides snug fit but it takes a lot of practice/trick to put it on. I’m using  this  device for 30 minutes twice a day longer than prescribed  and I can really feel that the silicon pads are getting warm but still tolerable. I can also feel the pressure which is a good sign that the device does work! The only downside is that it makes your nose reddish but will go away after 5 to 10 minutes.

Here are some excerpts from my journal:

Day 1 to Day 3 – No visible changes and can feel a bit of pain after using it.

Day 4 – No changes

Day 5 – The tip of my nose gets stiffer but still no visible changes

Day 7 – There’s a minimal change in the tip and ala (width) but still barely noticeable

Day 11 – Change is noticeable. My nose slimmed down a little bit, the bridge and the tip are getting more defined 🙂

I’m on my 12th day now and I still have to continue using this device to achieve  dramatic changes. I was so skeptic about this product at first but this photo proves that Nasofix delivers what it promised and I’m still hoping for greater results!

I will make another post on my 30th day..

Thank you for reading! God bless us all!