I bought a DEVANT 32″ LED TV model 32MEL150 last Friday (11/09/2012).. It was perfectly working okay until today that I noticed a “cloudy” patch on the top right corner of the screen.. Looks like dead pixels and it’s more obvious if the room lights are turned off..I know it’s been there, I just didn’t notice it.


Just had my replacement today from Automatic Centre in Greenhills.. We tested the TV for possible problem.. The screen looked okay because the showroom was very vivid. I asked the sales man (Maxx) if he can turn the lights off but he said it’s not possible..
Went back home, set it up hoping that the replacement is in good condition. I got disappointed.. It’s even worse than the first unit.



You will see the clouding effects covering entirely the whole display – mostly on the bottom right.

I called their branch in Ghills and Maxx told me that they will forward my concern to one of their servicers and will just call me back the next day.

Told them that it’s not a service issue and I need a replacement. But now, NOT A DEVANT. The sales rep said it’s okay to get a different brand and pay the difference.

Pls see video of the replacement tv

I know this is a known issue because i have read lots of reviews online from dissatisified customers.