If you missed my previous Nasofix™ review, please read it here.

Okay okay, I’m on my 22nd day now of using Nasofix and I know this update is a bit delayed due to my schedule.

Here’s my photos from Day 1 – Day 11 – Day 18  for your judgement.What do you think?

Changes are noticeable on the 17th day. The bridge and the tip became more defined and even my colleagues noticed it too.  I’m happy that my nose is getting better and I hope It’ll make a dramatic change on the 30th day 🙂

Quick Tip: Nasofix can be used more than twice a day for faster results. According to their customer support, we can increase the frequency but not the duration (15 to 20 mins). Using the device for more than 20 minutes is not good and will make your nose look inflammed and bigger.

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